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About SLiiiC(English)

This is the web site of "School Library Project SLiiiC". 

We aim to support the people involved in school libraries, and the SLiiiC project has been active since 2005.
The official name of SLiiiC is "School Libraries Communication Collaboration and Combination". 
The three "C’s" refer to Communication, Collaboration, and Combination.
  • Functions as a forum for communication among participantsCommunication
  • Allows you to explore the place and method of learning with participants (Collaboration) 
  • In cooperation with various organizations and institutions, it is aimed at better coordination of their methodsCombination    

In Japan, school librarians have less opportunity to receive on-the-job training and external training, and this has become an issue.
One of our goals is to contribute to solving this problem.
In addition, SLiiiC is made up of school library staff and the school library researchers.  
The staff of SLiiiC is using their strengths in the field and has sponsored various activities.

SLiiiC is working on the following activities.(the following URL is Japanese only)
(1) The provision of training opportunities through the web site and SNS.
 ・How to coat books   
 ・Tips for library orientation  

(2) The provision of training and exchange opportunities in practical events (summer work camp(SWC))
 ・SWC2015 Theme “School Library and lifelong education”
   ・Lectures by public librarians
   ・Thinking of libraries and library activities involving students
   ・Workshops based on the World Cafe method

(3) Research activities (school library management manual project)